Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To Stop Attracting Broke People and Start Attracting Winners In Your Business

Do you wish that you had winners and other leaders in your business?

Are you tired of attracting broke and needy people to your online business?
Do you truly want some people who are independent on your team? This is going to be a great day for you!
When I first got into online marketing I was just like you but I discovered some methods that allowed me to attract better people and more money into my online business like crazy.

Your best call to action is YOU.

The best way to call others to action is by taking your owncall to action action. A lot of us at one point have been the same broke loser that we complain to the world about (you know it lol). This may be cliché but you have to become the change that you want to see in others.

Are you investing in yourself and in your business?

You can’t be upset that people don’t want to invest in joining your business, if you hold on to money out of fear of loss yourself. I've seen plenty of times people who invest something as little as $25, 50 into an online business, consider themselves made; then they go into frenzy mode when they find out there may be more costs involved such as advertising and other marketing costs.
Let’s be honest here, in the real world it takes $250 thousand or more to build a fully functional and operational business. To be able to spend a few hundred or even a few thousand building wealth online is a steal and a privilege. In order for people to be optimistic about investing in your business, you have to be optimistic about investing into your business.

Are you doing quality things that will attract quality people?

More than the income, the best thing about these online business opportunities is the people. People are the real commodity in all phases of life; it takes people to make build wealth in finances and knowledge period. Wise people do not see these opportunities from a cost or lack perspective. These opportunities are chances to connect with those who are wealthy and on their way.
Times are going to get interesting and better for the wealthy and prepared and absolutely horrible for those who aren’t. The online marketing is becoming more in demand because it’s one of the industries creating many millionaires almost overnight (1-5 years). Although fiat currency (paper money) is bound to collapse, this is a perfect time to become wealthy and use paper wealth to leverage real wealth i.e. great people, precious metals, land, natural resources etc.
If all else fails, like minded individuals who invest in themselves, security and wellness are going to be your greatest assets. What are the odds of people who truly believe in the conventional way of living (go to school, get a job, retire at 65) being of benefit if things were to all of a sudden go left field?
Quality people do quality things, which include getting as far away from mediocrity as they can by any means or costs necessary.

 Are you providing enough value for people to see you as     valuable?

I know you probably heard this many times before but you only receive what you contribute.Our current situation is nothing more than a response to what we have contributed to the world thus far. Whenever you feel like you aren’t receiving or benefiting as much as you should, you have to do some self-assessment on what you are doing to benefit others. Do you provide value daily? Do you contribute more than you take?
I always ask myself “why should people join my online business or why should they buy from me?” and I answer it unbiased. If I can’t answer that question with enthusiasm and tons of answers I begin to take the necessary action to improve.
Another question I always ask myself is “What do I do that will be perceived as value by quality people?”
No surprise that most people answer this question with “ummmmmmmm”(lol). Don’t worry every day is a new day to improve. There are 16 more days left in 2012 to give more value, be valued and increase your income.

Are you Afraid to be a Winner?

There are many miserable people who want their dreadful reality to be yours. We live in a world where being ambitious, speaking highly of yourself, praising your accomplishments and having standards for your personal and business life is called arrogance or vanity.
I had so many people tell me to be humble and where are they now? Not making as much income and not having as much success.
Do not let people scare you out of being blessed, successful and highly favored. The moment I started being humble according to people’s standards I start failing miserably. I continue to rise because I’m humble by universal law and standards such as the law of attraction, law of reciprocity etc.
Be unapologetically successful. You don’t have to coddle those who are not because success is a choice not something magical and we all have free will. When you stand up and become a fearless, bold winner, you will begin to attract those same types of people into your business. If you try to be the token marketer (the marketer who plays it safe trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings) you’re going to only attract people who will become vampires to your spirit and their finances.

Be a winner to attract other winners!!

You’re not losing anything by not appealing to everybody but sanity and peace of mind. Trust me.

Are you in a Quality business?

Last but not least, are you apart of a quality business or are you promoting an online hustle? Do you have many success stories to tell about your business? I was one of those people who did every program under the sun to have “multiple streams of income” but what I was doing was attracting “multiple streams of cheap and not dedicated people”.
I came to the conclusion that I was tired of hustling, make money here and there. I was tired of free and $4.99 gets your shine programs (lol). I decided I wanted to be a part of something with quality people and quality income.
You can’t complain about people not having the money to join your program if you’re not giving them something of value to spend their money on. I made the leap of faith to stop promoting all my “hustles” and get serious about a business that I truly believe in.

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