Thursday, January 3, 2013

8 Steps To Getting Started With Your Motor Club of America Business

Welcome to the Motor Club of America team! 
And congratulations on starting your business. 
I have created this 8 step blog to lead you in the right direction. 
Also, feel free to use this blog for training others. 


After signing up you will receive an email from the President of Motor Club of America, there's a link within the letter that will say "New Associates kit" it will contain a State license form, W-9, TVC Matrix Agreement, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Form. Get these done immediately, you can either 


TVC Matrix
3200 W. Wilshire Blvd
OKC, OK 73116

You have two weeks for the company to receive these after that you will not receive any more checks. Get this over with and out of the way. Don't procrastinate on getting these filled out and mailed. No sense in waiting to get something done when you can do it today.

Now we will log-in to your back office. 
Go to"yourusername", log-in on the right. This has everything you need to run your business: training documents, all your finances and sales, keeps up with your team and even sales that your team members have made. Navigate your back office and learn where everything is located. 

Go to Associate >> Sales Support >> Read everything that has to do with MCA training. Click on  MCA presentation book, print these pages out and use it for when you're presenting your services in person.

Get a capture page, this is how you will promote and advertise your business online. We have a lot of free ones or more professional ones that are affordable, I highly recommend these:

For when I promote my services I use the MCAtoolkit
Here's mine for an example: 
CLICK HERE to order your own.

Now, for when I promote the business opportunity I use myMCApro.
Here's mine for an example:
CLICK HERE to order your own.


I really and truly want to emphasize on learning your services, most important part of this business. You cannot share anything with anybody if you don't know your own services. So what you want to do is go to, click on "Additional MCA products" you'll then see all the different packages. Go through and click on each logo and read all the details of what each package offers, know the difference between all five of them. Like I said before this is the most important part, know your business and feel confident in talking about it. 

Get a piece of paper and ink, write down all the names of people you know; family, friends, coworkers, church members, classmates, teammates, places of interest, places where you do business. Don't prejudge anybody because you never know what kind of situation that person may be in so they may be open-minded. DON'T go on and tell them "Aye man, pay me $40 and you'll get $80" What you want to do is create value for them, and how do you create value? KNOWING YOUR SERVICES! If you know your services and can actually talk to people about it, with all the services that MCA offers and for the price that it's for, you can create so much value for them. That they'll really want your services, while you haven't even informed them about the referral program. You want to share it with them, not sell it. You want to let them know what you have to offer, don't try to sell it to them. This is a HUGE tip! Don't sell! SHARE!

So after you share our services then you can go into telling them that we also offer a business opportunity that goes along with this, and just go into the compensation plan with them or even send them to your capture page. It's just very important that when you go into talking to people one on one to just know your services. Stop selling and SHARE that's the big secret in this business and where most people will lose sales. Once you do that you will create a lot of momentum for yourself because they will pass the word on to other people and let others know what you have to offer


Now that you have all your tools and also know your business, you want to send traffic to your website and gain leads. By marketing your business, all you want to do is just pique people's interest and send them to your capture page, let the capture page do the explaining so you don't have to repeat yourself and you can leverage your time by; following-up with leads and training your referrals. 

After receiving a leads information, don't depend on the autoresponders, it's up to YOU to close the deal. Give them a call, shoot them a text, or send them an email, do whatever you need to do to contact them. You need to handle your own business and take control of your business by personally contacting your leads. The fortune is in the follow-up!


A lot of you may not know your business very well yet so you need to have someone that has your back which is your sponsor, especially in the beginning. So this is what you do, if someone fills out their information on your capture page they should have left you their name, number, and email. Give them maybe 20-30 minutes to finish checking out your capture page, then give them a call back. This is what you DON'T want to do:

"Hello, did you fill out a form for MCA? I was just giving you a call to see if you want to join my business"

That is NOT proper etiquette! Get with your sponsor to find out what to say. You need to sound professional, you are the face of your business. It's people joining people. NOT people joining your business. Be professional at all times!

Here's a good example of what to say when you're contacting a lead:

"Hi is this Jason William? This is Kayla Price, with Motor Club of America. I saw that you left me your information on our website so I was following up to answer any questions you may have."

Always actively listen to them to learn and understand what their needs are. Don't do most of the talking. I recommend getting with your sponsor and have them help you close the deal with three-way calls until you feel comfortable doing it on your own.


Referrals are huge! Whether you know them or don't know them, when someone purchases a package ask them if they know anyone else who would like our Motor Club of America services. Do not be afraid to ask them. There are plenty of people who don't have these benefits. NEVER leave money on the table.


To have a solid network marketing business you need to be duplicatable. Train every single person that you personally sponsor, you want to train them to become leaders. Don't just tell them what to do, SHOW them what to do. LEAD BY EXAMPLE! 

A lot of people don't realize this but the power is in the residual income and how do we get residual income? By having a strong downline. So definitely work with the people that you bring in, be available to answer any questions for them, even direct them to this blog to help them as well. Show them everything that will help them out in their business because they're going to pass that on to the next person they bring into the business. Let's say that you may slow up a little bit or get sick but knowing you have a strong downline by training them, you really won't be missing out. That's one of the main reasons to do network marketing, by getting our time back. FINANCIAL FREEDOM. And how do you get financial freedom? By having a strong downline. 


Mindset is very very important, it really sets the temperature for your whole organization. It starts with you, you have to be that leader, you have to be the one that shows everybody else that this business is working. You want to remain positive at all times. The only thing that stops anybody from winning in the network marketing industry is if they quit, you cannot lose in this industry. The same success you see other people having you can have also. You have to remain persistent! And you have to remain knowing you're going to win and that you're going to go out there and make this business work. Always keep that positive mentality, sometimes you even have to motivate your downline, at times even your sponsors. This type of mentality will trickle down to your whole downline. 


When you first join MCA you're excited about it and want to share it with everyone you know. Say once you get to sharing it with other's they don't seem interested or don't take your business serious. Don't let that rejection discourage you. Always remember your WHY! Why did you join this business? Let their No's build your character, not turn you off. That's one thing about building your business you will get a lot of no's. Not everyone can see the potential about MCA and that is their loss, not yours. 

Do your best and don't stop. You can get hot at any moment and make a sale. Just know that you're building a business, it takes time. Success doesn't come overnight. The more time that you invest in your MCA business the more you will get out of it down the line. That's the kind of mentality that you should have if you're just getting started.

Feel free to comment with any further questions you may have.
And ALWAYS make it a successful day!


  1. This is super awesome Kayla, very very informative and helpful, thanks so much!

    1. Your welcome Tabitha! Thanks for reading!